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Welcome to my Web site.I am dedicated to computer science and to enjoy the life.

Name: Toni Martinez Arteaga
Computer Engineering
e-mail: toni.arteaga@terra.es


I was born in Girona in 1972. I studied FP Electronic at secondary school Narcis Monturiol in Figueres. After that I went at the University in Girona and I finished Technical Engineering in computer science. My final project of technical studies consists about supervision and detection of bombs and valves fails, in a cool and hot plant with an expert system called CEES, C++ Embebed Expert System with fuzzy logic.

After that I finished the Engineering studies in computer science, and its final project is the first reason of this web site. This project is about electronic commerce with an artificial intelligent technology, Case Base Reasoning. Under this text you can found a specific link and you will discover a new world.

I worked at the university of Girona for a six months in an european project about intelligent drying chamber EUROAGRY-INDRYCHA, where I developed an important part with CBR, case base reasoning.

I worked in a computer vision company in Cassà de la Selva (Girona), developing and desinning systems based in artificial vision.

Now I am a Computer Science professor in a Institut Secondary School, IES Salvador Espriu in Salt.

 Case Base Reasoning applied to electronic commerce
In this page you can found my final project of computer science.
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All interesting links that I needed to make my final project are here, besides they are others links that I found goods and useful.
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