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The second edition of the ACIA Artificial Intelligence Congress (CCIA'99) will take place in Girona (Spain). Girona is one city that harmonises the European elegance and simplicity features. It is linked with the past through its medieval inheritance, with the present through its tourist activities and with the future through its diversified economical environment in big expansion.

The first edition of the congress (CCIA'98) took place in Tarragona (Spain), the days 21 to 23 of October of 1998. Its main objective was the presentation of research/teaching works on AI field developed in Catalan countries.

With CCIA'99, the organisation wants to provide the proper environment to reveal the research from different centres, departments and groups that work on AI. Likewise, it wants to establish links among the researchers.

Also, CCIA'99 want be a forum on AI teaching due to there are a lot of university lecturers that use AI in theirs teaching tasks, overcoat with the necessity of include new contents (Java, neural nets, etc) in front of traditional contents.

Finally, CCIA'99 want to be a promotion platform on AI among students of different universities.

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