Research Center In Undewater Robotics (CIRS)

The Research Centre in Underwater Robotics (CIRS) is the building that hosts the Underwater Robotics Lab of the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group of the University of Girona. This building is located in the Scientific and Technological Park of this University. The complex is composed of two main buildings. One (left) contains labs, offices and workshops, the other (left) contains a water tank, and a supervision control room with direct view to the water tank.

The left picture shows one of the offices located in the building next to the water tank. The right picture shows URIS UUV navigating on 8x4 m2 digital poster laying on the bottom of the water tank. This poster allow us to conduct vision based control experiments (image mosaics, cable tracking, ...) in lab conditions.

If you are interested in using our infrastructure to conduct experiments involving UUVs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

An underwater supervision room with direct view to the water tank is available making it very simple to conduct experiments and observe their results. The dimensions of the water tanks are 16x8 m2 with a depth varying from 1 to 5 m.