Ph.D. Josep Aulinas          
3D Perception Lab from the University of Girona
   Computer Vision and Robotics Group
        Depart. of Computer Architecture and Technology
        Institute of Informatics and Applications
        Polytechnic School - P-IV Building, University of Girona
        17071 Girona, Spain.


I graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Politechnics School at the University of Girona in 2006. I received the VIBOT master degree (European Master in Vision and Robotics) in 2008. The VIBOT master is a collaboration between the Université de Bourgogne (Le Creusot, France), the Universitat de Girona (Girona, Spain) and Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland). I completed the PhD on Computer Vision and Robotics at the Computer Vision and Robotics Group at the University of Girona in 2011. My supervisors were Prof. Joaquim Salvi and Prof Yvan R. Petillot. I am currently working at FICOSA-ADASENS as a Research and Development Vision Expert designing Advanced Driver Assitance Systems.

Research interests: computer vision, autonomous robotics, 3D reconstruction, stereovision, image processing, visual odometry, underwater vision, medical imaging, robotics, mobile robotics, underwater robotics, localization, navigation, mapping, SLAM, medical robotics, Earth observation, space exploration, human spaceflights, sustainability, solar energy...


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PhD Thesis

[PhDThesis 2011] J. Aulinas, J. Salvi and Y.R. Petillot, "Selective Submap Joining SLAM for Autonomous Vehicles", Master Thesis, September 2011. PDF

Master Thesis

[MscThesis 2008] J. Aulinas, J.Salvi and Y.R. Petillot, "3D Visual SLAM applied to large-scale underwater scenarios", Master Thesis, June 2008. PDFPDF

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