Elisabet Batlle
Assistant professor and Phd Student at the 3D Perception Lab (University of Girona)
   Grup de Visio per Computador i Robotica
         Departament d'Electrònica, Informàtica i Automàtica
         Campus Montilivi - Edifici P-IV, Universitat de Girona
         17071 Girona, Spain.
   Phone: 00 34 972 419 812 / fax: 00 34 972 418 259



My name is Elisabet Batlle. I am a PhD student at the VICOROB (Computer Vision and Robotics) group and an assistant professor at the Electronics, Computer Engineering and Automatics department of the University of Girona. I have been working in several research fields related to underwater robotics and computer vision systems. My research topic is focused in 3D registration and reconstruction of large objects.


• Computer Science Engineering degree from the University Autonoma of Barcelona (2003).
• Phd student at the Universitat de Girona.


3D Reconstruction

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Autonomous Robots


• Structure and Technology of Computers
• Robotics.
• Sensors and Periphericals.
• Perception systems.


Conference papers


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C. Matabosch, J. Salvi and E. Batlle
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Overview of surface registration techniques including loop minimization for 3D modeling and visual inspection.
E. Batlle, C. Matabosch, J. Salvi and X. Llado
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Summarizing image/surface registration for 6DOF robot/camera pose estimation.
E. Batlle, C. Matabosch, J. Salvi.
3rd Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, IbPRIA'07, Girona, Spain, June 2007. Published in Lecture Notes in Compter Science, In press.

Overview of 3D registration techniques including loop minimization for the complete acquisition of large manufactured parts and complex environments.
E. Batlle, C. Matabosch, J. Salvi.
8th International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision, QCAV'07, Le Creusot, France, May 2007. (Best paper prize)

A variant of point-to-plane registration including cycle minimization.
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Photogrammetric Computer Vision, PCV'06 , pp 61-66. Bonn, Germany, September 2006.

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A survey of Graphical Simulators for UUV Development.
E. Batlle, P. Ridao,and N. Palomeras.
International Workshop on Underwater Robotics IWUR, PAGS: 185-194. Genoa, Italy, November, 2005.

Firts steps in remote experimentation with UUVs.
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Book chapters

Automation for the Maritime Industries.
J.Batlle, P.Ridao, R.Garcia, M.Carreras, X.Cufí, A.El-Fakdi, D.Ribas, T.Nicosevici, E.Batlle.
Editorial: Aranda Armada De la Cruz, PAGS: 177-203, ISBN: 84-609-3315-6, YEAR: 2004


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