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Signal Traffic Estimation in Mobile Radio Networks for Measurement Based Planning of Location Areas

Andreas Hecker and Thomas Kürner

International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS 2007)
San Diego, California (USA), July 16-18, 2007


Automatic methods for Location Area Code (LAC) planning in mobile networks require prediction values of the expected signaling traffic (paging, location update, etc.) that have to be provided by signaling traffic models. This paper gives a general overview of the activities in a project aiming at automatic planning of LACs of a real network. A main objective is that the input data of the methods and models are based on performance measurement values from the Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC). The importance of signal traffic models depends on the optimization task: planning of new sites and re-planning of the operational network. For both scopes approaches are introduced concerning the measurement based preparation of the expected signaling traffic. Geographic data like population distributions can be used as input data for the estimation process. Furthermore, this paper gives an overview of the complex aspect of radio network planning focussing on the problem of LAC planning. The signals that have to be taken into account for optimization and first analysis results are presented. Network and OMC measurement data are provided from a real network in Germany.

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