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Efficient Logical Topology Design for IP over WDM Backbone Networks: MILP and Heuristic Approach

Phuong Nga Tran and Ulrich Killat

International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS 2007)
San Diego, California (USA), July 16-18, 2007


This paper considers the problem of designing logical topology for IP over WDM backbone networks. One important feature of IP over WDM networks is the reconfigurability when traffic demands change over time. If the network resource is not used efficiently, the reconfiguration can cause network disruption because no new wavelength channels can be added before deleting some working channels. Moreover, more than one logical topology for different services or from different ISPs can be simultaneously implemented in a given WDM network. Hence using resources efficiently is an important issue while designing logical topologies. In this paper, we present a new approach to design logical topologies so that the network resource is used the most efficiently while the network performance is guaranteed. The problem is formulated as a MILP problem. Since this MILP problem is NP-complete, a heuristic algorithm based on iterative optimization is proposed to solve the problem for real-size networks.

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